Praise the Lord, everyone!

I write to you with a heart filled with joy and love. More than anything, I write with a heart that is so grateful for you. The month of October has been a month of seeking God’s face and I can honestly say that the Joy of the Lord has taken over my life. The ministry has began flourishing and God is the only one to be glorified for this. Through your prayers and support we are pressing on and learning. Here is an update on the ministry happening here.

Youth Ministry

Our youth programs have begun in both Pabbo and Pawel and have a combined steady number of 30 youth that come regularly. While we dig deeper into the Gospel of John and find out who Jesus Christ is and who we are as believers, God is strengthening us as His Children and his church. Our youth in Keyo have been increasingly involving themselves in door to oor outreaches within the community and have invited both Pabbo and Pawel youth to join in on the evangelism on October 30. Would you please pray as we all come together and lead in taking the gospel to our Neighbors in the nearby villages? There is a specific group of people nearby in which despise visitors and have been known to bring out the machetes and spears on those who bring the gospel. This area is also known to be home to many Witch-Doctors. Please pray for discernment on our part as leaders and for complete protection to all of us involved (not all areas around are like this. I know most of you will say, “don’t be stupid, Megan!” I don’t intend to be, however, I don’t want to hinder the Holy Spirit either. I believe that if God calls us, He will protect us.) So please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

Our youth in Jinja have also taken it upon themselves to raise funds for specific charity projects within the areas. So far they have decided to help reconstruct two different houses for 1.) an older man in the area, and 2.) an elderly women. Their houses were missing walls on either side and they were able to come and give food for these two individuals and build that wall for them. We praise God for how He is leading!

I’m Moving!

This past month has been a month of financial dependency on the Lord. I was approached by a friend of mine who helped open my eyes to the need to downsize on my house. I was also living with four others and that began feeding off of my salary. When I prayed through the thought of moving, I was led to look for a smaller house and assist the family in my home to find a small home of their own. By the grace of God and leading of the Holy Spirit, I went out and found a house on Monday this week. Before leaving, I had been praying for a few days that God would lead me to the perfect house in which I would be able to still serve Him and do ministry. Maggie, Macky (the wife of the family who has been staying with me) and I went out and were supposed to see three different houses in Gulu. The first house was perfect and the ladies with me told me there was no need to keep looking. However, with my stubborn heart, I wanted to keep looking. The next two homes we went to look at had been unknowingly taken before we arrived. Needless to say, I should have listened to Maggie and Macky. I will be moving in on October 30th.

New home

Kids to the Camps

As many of you know, our kids that we take care of in Pawel are Refugee kids from the camps in South Sudan and Northern Uganda. For the previous month we, as a team, have been planning and preparing to take the kids back to their original homes for one to three weeks. These kids have not been back to their camps since entering Pawel. Some of which have not been in the previous four years they have lived with us. Please be praying as we begin taking them to the camps on October 25. Many of them have come from hard, abusive homes and many carry deep trauma as well. Our team has been in touch with the caregivers of these children and we are trusting that God is in control and has brought these kids to us to know the Gospel. I have told the kids that they now get to be Missionaries to their caregivers and families for just a short time. They were excited that they were given a task while home. Please pray for complete protection on their lives and provision for their stomachs. I know God is carrying them.

Update on local ministry
Some of our children dancing

Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray for our taking the kids to the camps starting on October 25. We will return to Gulu on Wednesday, October 27. We will be picking them up soon after. Please pray as I have said above, for protection, provision and for the kids to share the gospel with their families.
  2. Please pray for our youth and the outreach in Keyo on October 30. We are excited and ready to share about the Hope that is in us. We are looking at doing this more often in each area of Youth groups.
  3. As I went to clean the new house this past week, we were met by our landlady’s grandchildren. We were able to speak to the oldest girl who started asking why I was in Uganda. I was able to share with her about the Bible Studies and ministries that are there for us in all of the locations. Come to find out, she is a Catholic and had many questions for me. Would you pray that God would soften her heart to the truth and that God would continue opening doors to share with her?
Thank you!

THANK YOU all for your support and prayers .God has provided $850 for Bibles for Keyo, Pabbo and Pawel. We praise Him for using you in all of these areas. Thank you also to those who reached out with prayers and support as I struggled these last few weeks to two months. God has never left me and I praise Him for your generosity. May God continue blessing you all abundantly.

Love you all!


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