As I sat and held Brenda’s Uncle’s hand, I prayed that God would heal this man in a way that my girls would understand. In a way that God would receive the glory.

I received news on his condition each day and I continued to pray for my girls’ hearts. They had been so excited the day we went to see him. I had received word from Brenda that her uncle had been sick and needed to be prayed for and encouraged. Watching their joy in walking to the house, it made my heart smile.

As we approached the home we met him sitting outside on a mat. His legs and stomach were swollen and he could barely speak. I began to ask, “do you believe in Jesus Christ?”

Immediately he responded, “I’m ready…” As I sat and tried to understand his broken English, one of the girls spoke to him in Acholi.

“I’m ready to give my life to Christ.” He spoke.

More joy. Our girls were filled to the brim with excitement. We surrounded Him and asked him the simple questions.

“Do you believe that you are a sinner in need of a Savior?”

“Yes,” he knodded.

“Praise God! We believe that by the faith that you have shown us today, you have been saved and you will see Jesus face to face in heaven one day.”

We prayed over Him and asked God to heal him. I thanked God for my girls and for how far God had brought them. I also prayed that they would continue following the Holy Spirit’s calling to go and share the gospel and pray.

As we finished praying, Brenda (16) began sharing the Roman’s road and sharing with him what we believe as Christians.

Three weeks later, we had news that he had passed away into eternal glory.

“To be absent from the body is to be present with our Lord.”

God healed Brenda’s uncle. As I sat with her the week before he passed, I explained that sometimes God heals in ways we never imagine. He heals in ways we don’t desire sometimes, but now that he knows Christ, his death is ultimate healing. And we praise God for that.


2 thoughts on “Death Brings Life to those Who Believe

  1. What a blessing that your “girls” were able to see this man accept Christ and now are able to learn / understand eternity in heaven. God will use this in their lives and as a springboard for them to witness to others in the future.


  2. Your willingness to go and pray with Brenda’s Uncle was a huge encouragement and blessing to her. When her uncle made the decision to give his life to Christ, he was healed from the pain of his past and given a new life that he will not lose. Those truths became a reality to Brenda and her family because of your obedience and God’s amazing Grace!


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