“Mommy, I’ve forgotten my language. I cannot talk to my grandma.”

I starred into the fearful and wet eyes of my sweet daughter, “E”. She had been waiting for this day with so much excitement; the day she would get to see her one and only caregiver after a total of about 4 years. The moment when she would see her grandma and share the gift of Christ with her. She had been asking me to pray for her grandma since the day we had shared about the power of prayer in our girl’s bible study.

This was the day, the day where she would see her grandma and be able to stay with her for the next month. We entered the Refugee Camp, and the caregivers were seen dancing, singing, and shouting as they welcomed their children home for a short time. The moment they exited the vehicle the kids were carried as if welcomed back from war.

“We made it,” I thought to myself. This trip had been pushed back an extra couple of weeks, but here we were. The last group of kids and the last refugee camp to visit.

Watching the excitement taking place in front of me, I neglected to point out each child and who their caregiver was. As I was viewing the scene taking place in front of me, I turned to find “E” sitting at the back of my car in tears.

As I approached her, she tried wiping the tears as fast as they came. I bent down and asked her what was wrong. She kept quiet for some time and then spoke up as she released the tears from her beautiful brown eyes.

“I forgot my language. I can’t speak to my grandma. I’m scared.” “E” spoke with a shaky voice.

These kids had been enrolled into a 24/7 English speaking school for the previous 4 years. Many had used their other languages; however, some had slipped away as they began speaking and understanding English.

I sat next to her and gave her a tight hug and encouraged her to be strong in the Lord. Reminding her of her excitement and that her language would come back as she surrounded herself with her friends and family.

As we finished praying, her tears began to dry, and she got the courage to stand and meet her grandma.

I praise God for these moments in the lives of our kids here in Uganda. To see the joys, excitement, tears, pain, and fears as they walk through this life that God has gifted them with. To be able to share with them and remind them about the hope that we have in Christ Jesus. To share with them the love of their Savior and that He has promised to never leave them nor forsake them. Many tears were shed those three days of dropping kids off, but the testimonies of how God worked in those days of being home were amazing and praiseworthy.

“E” was able to spend a month and a half with her grandma. Her muscle memory kicked in and her language came back, and she was able to share Christ with not only her grandma, but her neighbors and friends as well. She conducted a Bible study in their home each day. The moments God brings into our lives should not be taken for granted. God uses all things for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28).

Being able to hear “E” share about what God had done in the camps was a blessing to my heart and a joy to this sweet 12-year-old. We thank God for the grace He gave to each of the kids as they went and came back safely. God proved Himself once again to be the Great I AM in each of the kids lives. Thank you for praying.


3 thoughts on “God: The Grace Giver 26/10/2021

  1. What a precious story, Megan. How frightening it must have been for “E”. I am so thankful that God has put you there to help and encourage her. I know Jesus will do wonderful things through her testimony. This story reminds me of when BJ told my dad that Abby was sharing the Wordless Book Bookmarks he had made with all her friends and telling them what the different colors meant. I pray for you daily in your ministry in Uganda. Please pray for me as I am going to have my right knee replaced on March 23. My cousin Judy will be coming from NC to stay with me for 2 weeks after the surgery. – with love and prayers, Kathy


  2. Wonderful work Megan. We’re praying for you and all of the children and leaders in your ministry we love and support. It is a reminder of God’s perfect grace at work in this world that’s so difficult to understand and get along in. Leading people to Christ isn’t an insurmountable task; quite the opposite. His church is and will continue to grow until he returns. God bless this ministry and all in it.


  3. Thank you for sharing that story. Her testimony is proof that what you are doing in Uganda is making a difference in the lives of these young people and their families!


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