Megan Malin

10 years ago I experienced the presence of Christ like I had never experienced Him before. God had called me to a place of forgiveness, a place of repentance and a place of grace. My heart was found inside out and it was in this moment that God called me to a life of sacrifice and love for the gospel like no other. My heart burned for the truth and for others to know the truth and to live in that truth. Jesus Christ is truth. He himself is love. Since that day, I have devoted my life to the teaching the love of Jesus Christ. Where will you find me, you may ask? You’ll find me in the midst of dirty feet and bright smiles. You’ll find me in the midst of broken people searching for hope. This is my purpose. This is what my heart has been yearning for. Seeing children, teen girls and women coming to the full understanding that God is their Father and they are loved, redeemed and chosen by Him. This is where you’ll find me.

Ministry opportunities in uganda
  • Children’s discipleship
  • Outreach to teen girls
  • Women’s outreach and discipleship
  • Village ministry
  • Local city ministry

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